Hygrophila polysperma green


  • 7 Stems
  • Low  Light
  • Low  CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Hygrophila polysperma from tropical Asia is one of the hardiest aquarium plants available. The shoots becomes 25-40 cm tall and 4-8 cm wide. It is particularly good for beginners because it grows in almost all conditions. It is also recommendable for initial planting of tanks because it quickly removes excess nutrients from the water and competes with algae.
Hygrophila polysperma is mostly delivered in the emersed (terrestrial) form. It develops submerged shoots with mostly more elongate, softer, lighter green leaves when it is planted under water.

The East Indian Hygrophila normally grows so fast that it is important to prevent it crowding out other plants, so the shoots must be cut regularly. As well as other stem plants, it is easily propagated by cuttings. Even detached leaves floating on the surface form small new plants.

Hygrophila polysperma is a very variable species with different leaf shape and colour, depending to some extent on the light supplied. “Standard” H. polysperma develops under water oval to lanceolate, light green to somewhat brownish leaves.

  • Family Name : Acanthaceae
  • Origin : Asia
  • Height : 8-15cm
  • pH : 5-8
  • Temperature : 24-35°C

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