Flame Moss


  • Low to Medium Light
  • Low Co2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate

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“Flame moss” is a not yet fully identified species of the genus Taxiphyllum and probably comes from East or South-East Asia. Even though it has only been known for a few years it already has a great popularity in the hobby and is readily available in trade. This popularity (as well as its name) is due to the fact that it has quite an uncommon growth habit that makes it unmistakable: under water, its sparsely ramifying shoots grow in upright spirals, which reminds of flames.

The impression of green darting flames is even enhanced if the moss is attached along entire branches or thin pieces of driftwood.

  • Family Name : Hypnaceae
  • Origin : South and South-East Asia
  • Height : 0.1-1”
  • pH : 5-8
  • Temperature : 12-30°C

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