Ludwigia palustris


  • 6 Stems
  • Medium  Light
  • Low  CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


History and origins 

The stunning Ludwigia palustris is found all over the world growing in a wide range of aquatic habitats both in its emersed and submersed forms. There is some confusion over its close relative Ludwigia repens but palustris has smaller leaves and is sometimes called Ludwigia palustris ‘Super Red’. In nature the plant is usually found under direct sunlight with a nutrient-rich substrate. It is rare to find in the wild in Europe and more commonly seen in the American and African continents. It was not endemic Australasia but has been since introduced. It was original described by Stephen Elliot, the American botanist and educator in 1817.

Plant Overview 

Ludwigia palustris is characterised by its deep bright red leaves and prolific growth of its stems and side shoots. It’s supplied as a pot in Tropica’s Easy category but does require strong lighting to get the best colour and compact growth. In lower lighting the internodal distance (gaps between the leaves) is increased, the leaves remain a duller green/red colour and the lower leaves may drop off. It does produce aerial roots, which can be left alone or trimmed off if desired.

  • Family Name : Onagraceae (Evening Primrose)
  • Origin : North America
  • Height : 4-12”
  • pH : 5.5-7.5
  • Temperature : 20-28°C

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