Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’


  • 4 Stems
  • Low Light
  • Low CO2
  • Midground Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


This dwarf form of the long known Cardinal flower is cultivated since 2004, also as Lobelia cardinalis “Kleine Form” (“Small form”) and “Nana”. It can be variously used in the foreground and midground, also in nano tanks.

During the warmer time of the year it can also be used outdoors as emersed plant where its striking red flowers may appear.

Lobelia cardinalis ‘small form’ is a very interesting cultivar of the larger-growing standard form of L. cardinalis. It can be discerned from the latter by its rounder, coin-shaped leaves and the far smaller overall stature. Up to now, only Oriental Aquaria in Singapore is selling the true cultivar of this attractive small plant.

Lobelia cardinalis ‘small form’ is rather undemanding. Besides sufficient light (0.5 watts per liter) it only needs CO2 injection for optimal growth regarding size, colour and growth rate. A good supply of micro- and macronutrients should be assured, too (NO3 10-20 mg/l, PO4 1-2 mg/l).

  • Family Name : Campanulaceae
  • Origin :  North America
  • Height : 3-5”
  • pH : 6 – 7
  • Temperature : 15-30°C

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