Ludwigia repens


  • 10 Stems
  • Low Light
  • Low CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Ludwigia repens is an easy, fast-growing classic amongst the aquarium plants. The Creeping primrose-willow, also known as Ludwigia natans, is native to the southern USA, Mexico and Caribbean Islands. It occurs in large amounts in various waters and swamps, emersed, as floating mats or submerged bushes. It grows creeping in its terrestrial form, therefore its name, while its underwater stems are loosely upright or slanted and ramified. This species is very variable. Our tissue-cultured plant is an old strain of typical L. repens that was already cultivated in the former GDR. Its elliptic to roundish submerged leaves are about 2 to 3,5 cm long. With moderate ligting, their upper sides show olive green to orange tones. The underside of the leaves is light purple to wine-red. The plant can also develop a strong light red coloration under intense light.

The Creeping primrose-willos is very adaptable and also thrives in aquariums without CO2 addition and with higher carbonate hardness. However, good macro- and micronutrient supply, also via the substrate, highly improves its growth. Moderate lighting is sufficient but stronger light leads to more reddish tones. Temperatures below 26 °C are favoured, warmer water is temporarily tolerated, as well as 10 °C or less. As other stem plants, this Ludwigia is easily propagated by cuttings. Due to its fast growth, trimming on a regular basis is necessary, otherwise the shoots will grow half-emersed along the surface, with many water roots.

Ludwigia repens is a versatile plant, for warm and cold water aquariums, and looks best as a bush in the mid- to background of not too small tanks. With its low demands and fast growth, it is recommendable for aquarium beginners and initial planting of newly set up tanks. It is also interesting for biotope aquariums and paludariums, imitating shallow waters and swamps in North and Central America.

  • Family Name : Onagraceae
  • Origin : Cosmopolitan
  • Height : 4-8”
  • pH : 6.0-7.0
  • Temperature : 15-28°C

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