Planatopia Soil Powder




The Aquarium Soil Powder is burned from valuable clays and ensures good and active growth of the plants right from the start. The finer grain size of the powder compared to normal soil gives the overall appearance of the substrate in the aquarium a natural gentle finish. At the same time, the finer structure of the soil beads can help to make planting aquatic plants easier.

The positive nutrient balance is particularly conducive to the development of anthocyanins, which provide reddish nuances in the plants. Aquarium Soil can be used without any further supplements. In addition, this Soil is an active substrate that slightly lowers the pH of the water and has a weak influence on the chemistry of the aquarium water. It is therefore also ideally suited for shrimp tanks.

Aquarium Soil Powder can also be used as a topping for normal Soil to round off the appearance and complement the positive aspects of akitve subtrates.

It is better substrate to grow small carpeting plants like Hair grass, montecarlo etc.

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