Planatopia Soil




  • Creates a natural environment for plants, fishes, and shrimps
  • The organic soil enriched with nutrients
  • Enhances the growth of aquatic plants
  • Reducing the water hardness and maintaining the pH levels for aquatic plants
  • Contains microelements
  • Contains the strains of beneficial bacteria
  • Uniquely formulated granules

මෙම නිශ්පාදනය ඔබගේ මින්මැදුරේ ශාක, මසුන් සහ ඉස්සන් සඳහා ස්වාභාවික පරිසරයක් නිර්මාණය කරන අතර ජලජ පැලෑටි සදහා අත්යවශ්ය පෝෂ්ය පදාර්ථ වලින් පොහොසත් කාබනික නිශ්පාදනයකි. මෙමගින් ජලජ ශාකවල වර්ධනය වැඩි දියුණු කරන අතරම නිරෝගී ලෙස ශාකය පෝෂණය කරයි. ජලජ පැලෑටි සඳහා අවශ්ය pH මට්ටම සහ ජලයේ ගණ්තවය හරියාකාරව පවත්වාගෙන යාමට උපකාරී වේ.

This is a completely organic product developed from the essence of natural resources of the wonderful island Sri Lanka.

It creates a natural environment for plants features and dreams by detoxifying harmful elements from water.

The organic soil enriched with nutrients enhances the growth of aquatic plants whilst reducing the water hardness and maintaining the level for aquatic plants.

It contains microelements rich in all major and minor trace organic elements that provide essential nutrients for optimal growth.

It contains the strains of beneficial bacteria specifically focusing on the colonization within the aquarium soil along with the nutrients that are necessary for the proper development of bacteria within the soil.

The cavities in perlight helps in storing nutrients and optimizes the intake of air into the roots through the substrate which prevents the compacting of the soil.

Uniquely formulated granules helps the roots for optimal contact with the air in the soil particles and defuse in to cells of the roots where it optimizes plant respiration.


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