Bacopa salzmannii ‘Purple’


  • 5 Stems
  • Medium-High Light
  • Medium CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


“Purple” is a spectacular colour form of Salzmann’s water hyssop. It apparently came onto the market later than another rather green to reddish form of Bacopa salzmannii, which was first called Bacopa sp. “Araguaia”. The submerged leaves of Bacopa salzmanniii “Purple”, on the other hand, develop striking dark reddish-purple tones. The leaf midrib and lateral veins are darker in colour. The shoots grow upright under water and branch little. They grow at least 30 cm high and about 4 cm wide. The underwater leaves are ovate, up to 2.2 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. They form a colour contrast to the rather light green, thick stem.

The species Bacopa salzmannii is not yet as common in the aquarium hobby as Bacopa caroliniana. It has similar, but under the same conditions smaller leaves on a thick stem. It is common in tropical, seasonally dry areas from Mexico to Argentina, as an annual plant in wetlands. In its terrestrial form, the plant grows prostrate. The leaves are then rather dark green, and quite long-stalked purple flowers appear in the leaf axils. The stem is hairy in both the emersed and the submerged stage. Bacopa salzmannii “Purple” is not to be confused with Bacopa caroliniana “Colorata”.

Bacopa salzmannii is not a particularly difficult plant, but we recommend medium to strong lighting and complete macro- and micronutrient supply via the water column. A nutrient-rich substrate and CO2 addition are also advantageous. Growth is moderately fast. The plant produces plenty of side shoots after cutting, so propagation by head cuttings and partial cuttings is easy. In our experience, the shoots tend to become bare at the bottom from a height of approx. 30 cm. We recommend not letting the stand grow much taller than 25 cm by pruning and replanting shoot tips./p>

Bacopa salzmannii “Purple” combines an unusual, intense colouring with moderate cultivation requirements. As a medium-high, up to about 25 cm tall stand in the aquarium midground, it sets a striking red-purple accent that contrasts especially with light green plants. In the rather creeping, more green terrestrial form, the plant is interesting for paludariums and wabi-kusa, where you can also count on its pretty purple flowers.

  • Family Name : Plantaginaceae
  • Origin : Southeast United States
  • Height : 4-12”
  • pH : 6.0-7.5
  • Temperature : 17-30°C


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