Neo CO2 Diffuser


  • Glass U connector Included
  • Two transparent Suction Cups Included
  • Small Size : Diameter 12 mm , Suitable for ~ 50L tanks
  • Medium Size : Diameter 16 mm , Suitable for  50L – 150L tanks
  • Large Size : Diameter 24 mm , Suitable for ~ 150L tanks
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  • Finest CO2 bubbles produced
  •  Extra long connector provides sleek and clean appearance
  • Durable shatterproof acrylic construct
  •  Works with all CO2 systems, even DIY setups
  • Smaller diffuser chamber decreases in-tank equipment distractions

CO2 diffusers efficiently distribute CO2 in a planted aquarium. This NEO diffuser from Aquario features microscopically small holes resulting in very fine and thorough bubble diffusion. The NEO CO2 diffuser provides microbubbles that are perfect in size and easily diffused into an entire aquarium, effectively allowing aquatic plants to absorb CO2 properly. Sleek and sturdy, the Neo Diffuser is made from high-quality, transparent acrylic and is not easily broken when performing aquarium maintenance and can be used with rimless or rimmed aquariums. Similar to other diffusers, users are able to place it in the corner of a planted aquarium securely with the provided suction cup. The diffuser chamber itself is also smaller in size, decreasing its presence in the planted aquarium tank.

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