Nesaea pedicellata


  • 7 Stems
  • Medium Light
  • Low CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


Nesaea Pedicellata ‘Golden’ features greenish golden leaves that run down a pinkish red stem hence its name. Native to West Africa, this aquatic plant has been in the trade for some time and is a nice pop of color when used in a planted aquarium. This aquatic plant is quite hardy and can grow well in different water parameters but prefers a temperature of 70-78 degrees, Fahrenheit. In order to bring out intense coloration, medium to high lighting should be provided along with a nutrient dense aquarium soil and fertilizing routine. As there are very few golden colored aquatic plants, Nesaea Pedicellata Golden is a gem and a beautiful way to add a diverse palette of colors into a planted aquarium.

Propagation is similar to other aquatic stem plants and can be gently trimmed and replanted into aquarium soil. Frequent trimming should be performed to encourage and produce bush-like growth.

  • Family Name : Lythracea
  • Origin : West Africa
  • Height : 6-12”
  • pH : 6 -7
  • Temperature : 22-28°C

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