Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia


  • 2 Plants
  • Low Light
  • Low CO2
  • Mid Ground Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia is a bog plant hitherto only found in the northernmost part of the west coast of Sumatra (Indonesia), where it grows in the freshwater tidal area together with the nipa palm (Nypa fruticans). Today, it is know to have been introduced into Singapore, where it grows on swampy ground along forestal rivers. This species has been long known in Europe as aquarium plant and is found in trade regularly. However, in the US it is still quite new and hard to come by.

C. pontederiifolia is quite similar to Cryptocoryne moehlmannii, to which it is closely related and which is found in the same area in nature. However, those varietys commonly found in trade can be discerned quite well regarding characteristics of inflorescence and leaf coloration

  • Family Name : Araceae
  • Origin : Sumatra island
  • Height : 10-40cm
  • pH : 6-7
  • Temperature : 22-25°C

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