CO2 Monitor Kit


  • Glass Drop Ball Checker
  • Liquid Test Solution Bottle


Aquarium Carbon Dioxide CO2 Monitor Indicator.

  • Product Name: CO2 detector, CO2 detection solution, CO2 monitor
  • Detector material: high-quality glass
  • Test solution capacity: 15ml
  • Product use: used to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the aquarium
  • Easy to use and convenient to detect concentration of CO2.
  • Suitable for all kinds of fish tank.
  • Different color of liquid represents different concentration of CO2.
  • BLUE means that CO2’s concentration is too low.
  • GREEN means it is normal.
  • YELLOW means that CO2’s concentration is too high so that it is harm to fish.
  • A wonderful solution for feeding fish and observing their living condition.


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