Amazon frogbit


  • 2 Plants
  • Low Light
  • Non CO2
  • Floating Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


The amazon frogbit aquarium plant is pretty easy to care for, so it has become a prominent plant among aquarium hobbyists. It is a floating aquatic plant derived from the family of hydrocharitaceae. The scientific name of this aquarium plant is limnobium laevigatum.

Although there are reports of its existence in North America as invasive species, the plant is native to the Central and South American regions.

You will now find it in many American states of California, probably due to human activity. Some of the plants get transferred into the wild through the hands of people in the aquarium trade. They are also known as South American sponge plants because of their thick, spatula-shaped leaves with spongy undersides.

As it grows mature, it will produce leaves that will rise above the water surface. The flowers that the plant produces are small and whitish, and it usually makes it appear very attractive.

  • Family Name : Hydrocharitacea
  • Origin : South America
  • pH : 6 -7.5
  • Temperature : 18-30°C

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