Hygrophila pinnatifida


  • 1 Stems
  • High Light
  • Medium CO2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate



Hygrophila pinnatifida from India grows unique lobed leaves with olive green, leathery brown to brownish-red upper side with a light Hygrophila pinnatifida is an uncommon hygro endemic to India. There it grows on rivulets in the western coastal area on the foot of the Western Ghats (Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu), and in literature, findings of this plant are also documented for the north-Indian state Uttar Pradesh.
H. pinnatifida has been known to science for over 150 years, however, it has only been cultivated as aquarium plant since early 2008. Up to now (2010) it is still relatively rare in the hobby, however, some large aquatic plant nurseries have already taken it into their product range as novelty.

This plant differs from the Hygrophila species hitherto kept in aquaria in many respects. Its leaves of the emersed as well as the submersed form are pinnatilobed to pinnatisect and are thus highly decorative.

  • Family Name : Acanthaceae
  • Origin : India
  • Height : 5-8”
  • pH : 6 -7.5
  • Temperature : 20-28°C

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