Eriocaulon sp. quinquangulare Red


  • Light : High
  • Co2 : High
  • Mid Ground Plant
  • Growth Rate: Medium

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Eriocaulon Quinquangulare is a relatively rare variant in the Eriocaulon species. This aquatic plant originates from India and is still relatively new within the aquarium hobby making it difficult to obtain. Being part of the Eriocaulon family, Eriocaulon Quinquangulare is not recommended for beginner hobbyists as this aquatic plant requires high lighting, nutrient-dense aquarium soil (preferably ammonia rich as well) and CO2 injection to grow properly. It makes a great ornamental addition or in groups planted in the mid-ground of a planted tank. It has a striking color pattern with a deep red hue at the base and slowly lightening towards the tip of its leaves. It is often grown emerged as this form is hardier when going through shipping conditions, but it can make the transition smoothly so long as optimal parameters are met. If successful in keeping Eriocaulon Quinquangulare, propagation can be done simply by splitting the plant gently from the adult plant.

Overall, it is a beautiful plant, perfect as a reddish green accent plant or filler in the midground or background, and its growth rate and leaves make it ideal for Dutch style tanks.

  • Family Name : Eriocaulaceae
  • Origin : Vietnam
  • Height : 3-5”
  • pH : 4.5 – 7
  • Temperature : 20-29°C

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