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Metal DIY CO2 Kit


  • 2m Hose
  • 2pcs Counter sunk
  • Y connector
  • 2pcs O ring
  • 2pcs Non Return Valve
  • 2pcs Suction cup

in stock


Metal DIY CO2 Kit


  • 2m Hose
  • 2pcs Counter sunk
  • Y connector
  • 2pcs O ring
  • 2pcs Non Return Valve
  • 2pcs Suction cup

in stock


Transform your underwater world with our meticulously designed CO2 Generator Kit. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this kit ensures long-lasting performance, giving your aquatic flora the optimal conditions for vibrant health and lush growth.

  • Concise design – The main body made of aluminum alloy with oxidation treatment
  • Ruggedness – Aluminum alloy material instead of a plastic
  • Precise adjustment – Copper needle valve provides fine tuning
  • Superior safety – Equipped with a safety valve pressure greater than 4kg triggers automatic pressure relief. The relief valve supports manual pressure relief. When the pressure is less than 4kg, the pressure can be relieved through the gripper of the relief valve safety.



Step 1: Add the Raw Materials

Step 1: Add the Raw Materials

  • Bottle A: 200g of Citric Acid + 600ml of warm water
  • Bottle B: 200g of Baking soda + 200ml of water
  • Shake it well


Step 2: Connect bottles to co2 generator body

Step 2: Connect the Bottles to the CO2 Generator

  • Bottle A – Citric Acid
  • Bottle B – Baking Soda
  • Screw in place.


Step 3: Start CO2 reaction

Step 3: Initiate the CO2 Reaction

  1. Open the fine-tuning valve.
  2. Press Bottle A. When the acid enters Bottle B and bubbles arise, close the fine-tuning valve immediately.
  3. The optimal pressure is 1-2 Kg. If it does not reach at least 1.5 Kg, open the fine-tuning valve and release the CO2 for 5-10 seconds. When the acid re-enters Bottle B, close the fine-tuning valve immediately and shake Bottle B from side to side to ensure full reaction for about 2 minutes. Check again whether the pressure reaches 1-2 Kg; if not, repeat this step as needed.
  4. IMPORTANT: Many customers feel concerned when the pressure is too low, thinking the pressure gauge is broken. Repeat this operation 5-10 times to reach the ideal pressure value!


Step 4: Install solinoid valve and bubble counter

Step 4: Install the Solenoid and Bubble Gauge

  • Install the solenoid valve and bubble counter. Adjust to the appropriate CO2 flow output.
  • IMPORTANT: When installing the solenoid valve and bubble counter, ensure that the connection includes a small O-ring seal to prevent CO2 leakage.
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