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Seiryu Stone


  • 1Kg

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Seiryu Stone


  • 1Kg

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in stock


What is Seiryu Stone?

If you want to create an amazing aquascape in your aquarium, seiryu stone is one of our favorite rock options. This kind of stone is frequently used in aquascapes because of its strangely shaped chunks, which are commonly found in rivers and streams in Japan.

The porous quality of seiryu stone makes it the perfect container for helpful microorganisms, and it is well renowned for its capacity to stimulate plant development. To produce an aquascape that seems natural, it’s crucial to choose Seiryu stone pieces that are comparable in size and shape.

Consider Seiryu stone if you want to give your aquarium a distinctive touch. This kind of stone is famous for its strangely formed chunks and is frequently discovered in rivers and streams in Japan.

The popularity of seiryu stone among aquascapers can be attributed to the stone’s capacity to stimulate plant growth.

Characteristics of Seiryu Stone

Seiryu stone is a type of limestone that is popular among aquarists for its unique appearance. The stone is named after Mount Seiryu in China, where it is found. Seiryu stone has a dark green color with streaks of white running through it. The stone is relatively soft, which makes it easy to work with when aquascaping. Seiryu stone is also very porous, which allows it to absorb water and nutrients well.

Seiryu stone is a great choice for aquascaping because of its unique appearance and easy-to-work-with nature. The stone’s porosity also makes it a good choice for aquascapers who want to create a planted aquarium.

Colour ranges from light to dark grey. It is often used to create ‘mountain’ like scenes and the most popular rock used for Iwagumi style aquascaping. Also effective when combined with pieces of aquarium wood.


  • Unique form and fine textures.
  • Colour: Light to dark grey.
  • Slight effect on PH and Hardness.
  • Often used in Iwagumi aquascaping.

We would suggest using 10KG per 50L. For example, for a 100L tank use 20KG. An average piece weighs approximately 2-3KG. We aim to include a range of sizes and shapes.


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