Rotala wallichii


  • 5 Stems
  • High Light
  • High CO2
  • Midground to Background Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


Rotala wallichii is an elegant stem plant originating from soft, slightly acidic waters in South-Eastern Asia. Its inflorescence has bright purple flowers. Even though it is not quite easy in cultivation it is a highly popular plant.

R. wallichii needs lots of light, CO2 fertilisation and a well-balanced supply of nutrients to grow well. The light intensity should at least be 0.5 watts per litre in order for it to attain intensive colours and to support growth. A good supply of CO2, either with bio CO2 or a system using pressure bottles is indispensable. Rotala wallichii grows best if the nitrate level never falls to zero but does not exceed 10 to 15 mg per litre either. A high phosphate content of 1-2 mg per litre is preferred, as well as a good supply of iron and micronutrients.

  • Family Name : Lythracaeae
  • Origin : South East Asia
  • Height : 2-8”
  • pH : 6-7.5
  • Temperature : 15-30°C

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