Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Newzealand Grass)


  • Yought Cup Size Pot
  • Medium Light
  • Medium CO2
  • Carpeting Plant
  • Slow Growth Rate


Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can grow very densely, but it only grows like a lawn under very intensive light. When planting, make small tufts and put them into the ground with a distance of only a few centimetres, as the plants form an uninterrupted lawn more easily this way. The planted area should be without shade so the plants get sufficient light. Also suitable for a garden pond, and it tolerates the low salinity of a brackish water aquarium.

  • Family Name : Apiaceae
  • Origin : South America
  • Height : 3-6cm
  • pH : 6 – 7
  • Temperature : 24-28°C

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