Java Moss


  • Low Light
  • Low Co2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate
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Taxiphyllum barbieri is the most popular aquarium moss there is. It was confused with Vesicularia dubyana for a long time, therefore it is mostly called “Java moss”; another name is “Bogor moss”. In the nature, it is only recorded from Vietnam so far. This tropical water moss forms long, irregularly branched, about 1,5 mm wide shoots that attach willingly to all kinds of surfaces, which makes it an ideal moss for accentuating the hardscape or for hiding technical equipment in the tank. With stronger lighting, it branches more, while its shoots get thin, thread-like and poorly ramified under low light. It grows fast for a moss; we have determined a growth rate of up to 3 – 4 cm per month.

The Java moss is very undemanding regarding water parameters and lighting, it grows with low or high carbonate hardness, pH values of about 5 – 8 and temperatures between 12 and 34 °C, however it looks best under good lighting and complete nutrient supply. It looks especially decorative when it is tied to driftwood; its fast growth makes regular trimming necessary. Make sure that it does not overgrow slowly growing epiphytes. This moss also grows emersed on constantly moist surfaces when the air humidity is high.

Attached to hardscape or as a loose thicket, Taxiphyllum barbieri serves well as a natural hiding place and spawning substrate for the aquarium inhabitants. It is especially suitable for the nature aquarium style with its rather “wild” appearance.

  • Family Name : Hypnaceae
  • Origin : Southeast Asia
  • Height : 1-2”
  • pH : 5-8
  • Temperature : 12-34°C

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