Echinodorus parviflorus ‘Tropica’


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  • Low Light
  • Non-CO2
  • Midground Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


This very distinctive, relatively small Echinodorus cultivar was introduced in 1985 in the magazine Aqua Planta under the name Echinodorus parviflorus ‘Tropica’. It was named after the nursery of the same name, Tropica, in Denmark. It possibly arose in a nursery in Asia by mutation from Echinodorus grisebachii ‘Parviflorus’ (then called Echinodorus parviflorus). The plant is also traded as ‘Echinodorus mucronatus’.
The Tropica sword plant forms a compact, spreading rosette of many leaves over time. It often grows only about 5 to 10 cm high in the aquarium, but can reach a maximum of about 15 cm high and 33 cm wide. The leaves are somewhat reminiscent of those of Samolus valerandi, hence the name “Samolus sword plant”. The underwater leaves are coarse, medium to dark green, somewhat hammered and narrowly obovate, i.e. widest above the middle. Towards the end they are rounded with a clearly separated point.

The variety ‘Tropica’ not only stays smaller, but also grows much slower under water than other Echinodorus grisebachii forms such as ‘Parviflorus’ and ‘Amazonicus’. The light requirement is moderate. For healthy growth, a good supply of nutrients, also via the substrate, and CO2 addition is recommended. The favourable temperature range is around 22-28 °C. The plant is usually supplied in the terrestrial form (emersed form), which grows larger and faster than submerged. In the aquarium, the shorter submerged leaves then sprout, while the old emersed leaves gradually turn yellow and can be removed.

With its small size, Echinodorus grisebachii ‘Tropica’ is an excellent solitary plant in nano aquariums and contrasts with finely textured plants. In larger tanks it fits well into the foreground and looks nice as a loose group of few plants.

  • Family Name : Alismataceae
  • Origin : North & South America
  • Height : 5-15cm
  • pH : 6.5-7.5
  • Temperature : 18-30°C

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