Weeping Moss


  • Medium Light
  • Low Co2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate

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Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei) is an aquarium moss that is characterized by its downward-sloping growth. Due to this unique style of growth, this plant has been used in many famous aquascapes. The deep green color and fine texture also add to the plant’s attractiveness. The plant will grow up to an inch in height.

The plant does not root into the substrate, so it must be attached to an object such as driftwood or rock. While they do not have roots, they have rhizoids. The rhizoids will allow the plant to naturally secure itself to an object. These rhizoids do not absorb nutrients for the plant. Therefore, these plants are water column feeders. In its natural habitat, it grows on wet rocks, riverbanks, and damp soil near streams.

Weeping Moss is native to China, but it is now available worldwide due to its popularity in the aquarium hobby. Many vendors offer them online as well. However, remember that this plant is often misidentified with other types of aquarium moss. Therefore, it is important to purchase the plant from a reputable source.

  • Family Name : Hypnaceae
  • Origin : China
  • Height : 1-1.5″
  • pH : 5-7
  • Temperature : 15 – 30°C

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