Echinodorus quadricostatus


  • 2 Plant
  • Low Light
  • Non-CO2
  • Midground Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Formerly named, but also known as Echinodorus Quadricostatus, this light green aquatic plant is fairly easy to take care of and grows quite quickly. Helanthium Quadricostatus hails from South America and is characterized by its light-green leaves that grow to around 3-5″. It looks beautiful when planted in groups, and gives a hedge-like bushy appearance in a planted tank. With consistent and good care, this plant spreads rapidly by producing runners and can be recommended for those looking to achieve quick coverage.

The name “Echinodorus quadricostatus” is a trade name for various varieties of Helanthium bolivianum. In addition, it is also found under further denominations like Echinodorus magdalenensis (= E. quadricostatus var. magdalenensis), E. xinguensis (= E. quadricostatus var. xinguensis), E. bolivianus or “Echinodorus grisebachii” in the trade.
One of these forms only grows to under 5 cm in height when cultivated submersed, which makes it an ideal rapidly growing foreground ground cover. Another variety grows as vigorously, but to a height of over 20 cm.

  • Family Name : Alismataceae
  • Origin : South America
  • Height : 3-5”
  • pH : 5-7


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