Alternanthera reineckii ‘Pink’


  • 8 Stems
  • Medium Light
  • Medium CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


There are around 170 known species of the genus Alternanthera. Alternanthera reineckii was first imported into the Netherlands in 1965 under the name of Telenthera osiris. It is considered one of the few species in the genus that can grow entirely submersed. It originates from South America, where it is found along riversides in areas that are periodically flooded during the rainy season.

Over five different varietys are cultured. Alternanthera reineckii “Rosa”, also sold under the trade names of “Alternanthera rosaefolia” and A. “pink”, is a relatively easy cultivar and is the most widespread variety found in trade.

A. reineckii “Rosa” may be kept under low light and without additional CO2 fertilisation, however, it will never attain its full potential then.

  • Family Name : Amaranthaceae
  • Origin : South America
  • Height : 20-40cm
  • pH : 5-7
  • Temperature : 15-30°C

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