Rotala nenjeshan


  • 8 Stems
  • Medium Light
  • Medium CO2
  • Midground Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Rotala sp. “Nanjenshan” is a delicate fine-leaved plant originating from Taiwan, where it has only been found in a single location near Nanjenshan. In 1993 it was introduced by Dennerle. Up to now, the species affiliation of this Rotala could not be identified, as it has not been known to fruit. Fruit, however, are crucial for identifying Rotala species. According to the Plant Finder on APC, it might be a natural hybrid of Rotala rotundifolia and R. wallichii; what can be said is that these two species are indeed found on Taiwan island.
R. sp. “Nanjenshan” is well-established in aquaristics and can be obtained in trade quite easily. The location name is often misspelled (“Nanjean”, “Najean”).
This Rotala was originally introduced under the erroneous name “Mayaca sellowiana”, which is the reason why many people assume that this name is a synonym of R. sp. “Nanjenshan”.

  • Family Name : Lythraceae
  • Origin : Asia
  • Height : 1” – 5”
  • pH : 5.0 – 7.0
  • Temperature : 15-32°C

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