Peacock Moss


  • Low Light
  • Low Co2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate




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In most cases, the names “Spiky moss” and “Peacock moss” are used for the same still unidentified Taxiphyllum species: a moss with densely ramified, deep green shoots, resembling fir branches. However the company ADA offers “Spiky” and “Peacock” as two different mosses that should be very similar to each other.

Taxiphyllum sp. “Peacock” is one of the aquarium mosses that thrive not only under water but also emersed on wet substrate. In the ADA product range, it is available on the Wabi-kusa mats with the size of 9 x 9 cm that are suited for the back walls of the diverse DOOA aquaterrariums.

  • Family Name : Selaginellaceae
  • Origin : Southern China
  • Height : 1-2”
  • pH : 6-8
  • Temperature : 18-26°C

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