Hygrophila corymbosa ‘Compact’


  • 5 Stems
  • Low Light
  • Low CO2
  • Midground to Background Plant
  • Medium Growth Rate


A cultivar of Hygrophila corymbosa with an extremely compact growth habit. Also known as H. corymbosa ‘Mini’ and Nomaphila siamensis ‘Parvifolia’. This plant is easily maintained in a height of 6 to 10 cm and has very short internodes. If it gets taller, it should be trimmed. The cuttings can be used for propagation. The small bushes of the Compact Hygrophila are suitable for the foreground as well as for nano tanks. This plant has only a medium lighting demand, therefore it grows also in high tanks. It is quite undemanding, but a little susceptible to iron deficiency.

Hygrophila corymbosa “compact” was probably created and selected from H. corymbosa plants in cultivation in a nursery. This plant has very short internodes and forms a great number of lateral shoots. Its shoots are short, almost stunted, and very bushy.

  • Family Name : Acanthaceae
  • Origin : Asia
  • Height : 10-20cm
  • pH : 5 – 7
  • Temperature : 18-30°C

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