BOYU WF-2045 Filter


  • Power : 6.5W
  • Q. Max : 500L/h
  • Super Silent

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Water pump and filtering media are all built-in structures. Adjustable water flow rate. Easy for a sembling and operation. Combination of mechanical, chemical, and bio-chemical filtering functions to ensure clean water. A specially designed water circulation system helps the diffusing of Co2 in the water and supplies enough oxygen for the tank.

Instructions for use:
Make sure the power supply is the same as indicated on the tag and then plugin. Forbid to run in a dry condition. The filter must be filled with water firstly and then connect to the power. The filter must be ganged to the two sides or the back of the tank. The inlet tube should keep vertical and as close as possible to the water level. Turn the regulator knob at the bottom of the filter if otherwise, the water level of the tank should be kept higher than the position of the filter pump. Keep the socket out of reach of children. Do not use while the liquid is damaged and do not touch the plug with wet hands. If the light falls into the water or gets wet, disconnect the plug first and then take it out from the water.

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