AQUA Amazon Soil 1L


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Special Features

  • Completely come from nature and is specially processed by high temperature into natural granules.
  • Quickly create an ideal environment for plants and lower the hardness level of the water.
  • Endow with clarity to water as the Colloid particles of soil capture dirt floating in the water
  • Down the pH level of the water to suit most of the aquatic plants.
  • Ideal size and density granules cloud Satisfy fast development of healthy plant root system.
  • Maintain the sharp for a long time in the water so as to keep osmotic and ventilated between them
  • This is very important for the long-time maintenance of a planted aquarium.
  • 100% Brand NewImported High-Quality product durable- Provide long-term established plant base.
  • Specially formulated with essential Nutrients and Minerals.
  • Assist in pH stabilizing.
  • The best Soil for a planted tank.100% Brand New
      1. Do not mix other gravel sand when using.
      2. Do not impact the soil by the strong power of the filter
      3. Suggest less frequency of water change so as to extend the Soften- water lifetime of soil.
      4. Do not commend to the Aqua life which needs high hardness water such as marine fish
      5. Do not add other nutrients substance because the soil is full of Nutrition
      6. Please use as soon as possible when opening the package and keep it hermetic if not used up Keep them out of children, even the package.

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