Mini Bolbitis


  • Large Portion ( 12cm diameter)
  • Low Light
  • Non-CO2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Slow Growth Rate

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Bolbitis heteroclita “difformis” is a small, fine-leaved form of B. heteroclita, originating from the Philippines. It is also sold under the trade names “Mini Bolbitis”, “Davallia sp.”, “Bolbitis Davallia sp.” or “Bolbitis difformis”.

This fern grows very slowly under water and it attaches itself to hardscape with its roots. Its underwater leaves are much smaller than its emerged foliage, and less finely feathered. On old emerged leaves, adventitious plants will form.

We recommend the use of Bolbitis heteroclita “difformis” especially for terraria and paludaria, where this dwarf fern will form dense carpets after some time. It does not have any special demands regarding the substrate, which ought to be kept moist but not too damp nonetheless.

  • Family Name : Dryopteridaceae
  • Origin : South East Asia
  • Height : 2-4”
  • pH : 6-7.5
  • Temperature : 18-28°C

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