BOYU Stright Tweezer


  • BOYU Tweezer
  • 27cm Length
  • Easier to Setup Midground and Background plants


Made from stainless steel and easy handle, Stright Tweezer has light weight. Water plant clamper is the perfect aquarium landscape maintenance tool. Durable and rust-free, the convenient and easy to use tweezer is light in weight and very effective. With its length of 270mm it prevents submersion of human hands that could contaminate the aquarium’s water. Remove, rearrange and relocate your plants without damaging them to make space for new tank features or to simply change your aqua landscape for a different visual display. The no-hassle water plant clamper is an essential accessory if you’re serious about the well being of your plant life and saving time. The tweezers are perfect for use in most aquarium sizes.

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