Rotala macrandra ‘Butterfly’


  • 5 Stems
  • High Light
  • Mid – High CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Rotala Macrandra ‘Mini’ is a highly sought-after species that is characterized by its unique leaf shape and deep red to magenta hues. Easily confused for Rotala Rotundifolia Red, this variation of Rotala can be distinguished by its deeper red tones and slightly different foliage. When growth requirements are met, this popular Rotala variation will happily branch, easily creating dense bushes in a planted tank. We don’t recommend Rotala Macrandra Mini Butterfly for the beginner aquarist as it is known for being finicky and temperamental, making it a good indicator plant for the overall aquarium. Quality lighting, CO2 injection, and soft water are essential minimums to promote growth. On top of this, keeping all parameters consistent is a must as any dips or fluctuations will easily cause stunted growth. Beyond this, we recommend dosing micronutrients if intense deep colors are desired.

  • Family Name : Lythraceae
  • Origin : India
  • Height : 4-12”
  • pH : 6 -7.5
  • Temperature : 22-28°C

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