Rotala rotundifolia Blood Red


  • 10 Stems
  • High Light
  • High CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Rotala Blood Red is a form of Rotala Rotundifolia that is native to southeastern China. The leaves are long and narrow, similar to those of Rotala H’ra. Rotala Blood Red is a more demanding type of Rotala and should be grown under high light and with injection of CO2.  Pictures show the plant’s submerged form vs. emersed form. When grown under these ideal conditions, the leaves will get a striking red color. Addition doing of iron may help bring out red colors in plants.

Rotala Blood Red grows in a vertical pattern, thus we recommend placing Rotala Blood Red as a background or midground plant. The vivid red coloration will definitely grab attention and bring depth to any aquascape. Rotala Blood Red can be grown in both submerged and emersed conditions, although a transition period will be required. To keep Rotala Blood Red nice and compact, regular trimming will need to be performed. The plant trimmings can then be replanted as a form of propagation.

  • Family Name : Lythraceae
  • Native : Southeastern China
  • Height : 4-8inches
  • pH : 6.0-7.5
  • Temperature : 21-30°C

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