Quanlong QL-60A Light


  • Best Low to Medium Tech Planted Tank Light
  • A series light of the Quanlong Brand
  • Stimulates Aquatic Plant Growth

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– High-quality multi-spectrum LED diodes. ideal for fresh water aquarium.
– Outstanding grow lights for plants.
– Slim, fashionable, compact design with adjustable bracket for easy installation.
– Low voltage, super safe and greater energy savings.

  • Model : GL-60A
  • Colour : Blue & White
  • Power : 25W
  • Apply to 60cm – 65cm Tank
  • Voltage 220-240v
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Splash Guard
  • Cool Operation
  • Thin Housing


  1. Check the power supply voltage and frequency to confirm with specification.
  2. Aways unplug the power supply when not in use.
  3. Always unplug power supply during installation and maintenance.
  4. Do not operate unit if electrical cord or plug is damaged.
    The power cord of this unit cannot be replaced. Units with damaged electrical cords must be discarded.
  5. To minimize the chance for the power plug to come in contact with water, position the aquarium to the side of a wall mounted outlet in order to prevent water dripping onto the plug or outlet.
  6. This appliance is for indoor and household use only.

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