CO2 Tablets


  • OCEAN FREE CO2 Tablets
  • For tanks 50L and below, administer the tablets every day.
  • Assist in CO2 photosynthesis process
  • Enhance aquatic plant size and hasten the grow
  • Allow CO2 to be more common and readily to be used for medium/small tanks
  • 48 tablets in a bottle.
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Dissolved CO2 is one of the most fundamental nutrients ( gaseous nutrients ) for aquatic plants. Any aquatic plants without CO2 would not be able to grow properly and not able to perform photosynthesis efficiently. It will also halt the reproduction of new plants in the environment. All the plants will deteriorate and eventually decayed. Generally now in the consumer market, to attain CO2 supply, there is the need to equip with bulky CO2 canister tank which is expensive and bulky. Seeing the need of a better solution to CO2 supply, Ocean free has successfully developed a convenient, economical, innovative and practical method of CO2 supply, the CO2 tablets. All is needed is just the administration of the CO2 tablet into the planted tank on daily or by-daily depending on tank size I basis.
Using the latest technology in production, these tablets are able to diffuse slowly and evenly. Through this special release method, a small portion of the bubbling can be seen by the naked eye while the rest of the CO2 is already dissolved in the water. This ensures the aquatic plants to have enough time to absorb the dissolved CO2. This product uses special raw materials that will not alter water PH and would not cause harmful pollution.
An absolutely safe and suitable product for small to medium sized planted tank.

Main Function:

• Provide daily CO2 requirement.
• Assist in CO2 photosynthesis process.
• Enhance aquatic plant size and hasten the growth.
•Allow CO2 to be more common and readily to be used for medium / small tanks
Direction of Use:
• Use one tablet daily for tank size of about 50 – 100L (2 – 2.5ft tank).
Administer the tablet near to water flow direction for better diffusing purpose.
• For tanks 50L and below, administer the tablets every 1 – 2 days.
• For densely planted tank, increase dosage accordingly.

Administer Ocean Free CO2, Tablets only in the day where there is light source from the environment or the aquarium lighting unit.
Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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