Limnophila sessiliflora


  • 5 Stems
  • Low  Light
  • Low  CO2
  • Background Plant
  • Fast Growth Rate


Limnophila sessiliflora is a rather undemanding plant from South-East Asia, which is often sold as “Asian marshweed” or “Ambulia” in the USA. In its natural habitat, it is found on the edges of stagnant waters and the banks of rivers and rivulets. In the aquarium hobby, L. sessiliflora is the most common Limnophila species and is cultivated in many aquatic plant nurseries. It has been introduced into nature in several regions outside its natural area of distribution and is considered an aquatic weed that endangers natural biotopes e.g. in the USA.

Limnophila sessiliflora is a robust, highly adaptable plant able to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions (pH 5.5-8, temperature 22-28°C). Its likeness to some Cabomba species makes it a coveted aquarium plant, as its light requirements are considerably lower.

  • Family Name : Plantaginaceae
  • Origin : Asia
  • Height : 15-30cm
  • pH : 5 – 8
  • Temperature : 15-28°C

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