Digital Programmable Timer 220V




1. Clock display(12hr/24hr format)
2. Timer
3. Countdown

1. Easy to read LCD display, LED indicators
2. 16 ON/OFF programs per day, 15 combinations to a week
3. 24 hours / 7 days a week programmable
4. Countdown function. Max 24 hours countdown to OFF
5. Built-in rechargeable battery for backup the memory (save the programs you set)when power failure
6. Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manually
7. Ideal for household use in panel mounted

Model number CN101A
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz
Capacity Resistive 16A
Inductive 8A
Min interval 1 minute
Timing range 1 minute to 168 hours
Setting groups 16 On/Off per day
Programs 15 Groups
Black-out 60 days
Power consumption < 5VA>
Average error <± 2 sec/day
Battery type 1.2V,inside,rechargeable
Installation Panel / wall mounted


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