Bucephalandra Sp. hades Blue


  • One Plant
  • Low to Medium Light
  • Low CO2
  • Epiphytic Plant
  • Slow Growth Rate

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How to Care for Bucephalandra

Buce plants have very similar care requirements to anubias and java fern and can handle a wide range of temperatures from 70–82°F (21–28°C) and pH from 6–8. They can also grow in low to medium lighting, but as mentioned before, higher lighting may invite algae problems because of their slow growth. While adding CO2 gas is not necessary, it can help to speed up growth. Because of their native habitat in fast-moving rivers, bucephalandra have developed very strong roots, so they will do well in fish tanks with high flow once established.

Does bucephalandra need fertilizer? Like most rhizome plants, they consume most of their nutrients from the water column and therefore would benefit from an all-in-one liquid fertilizer.

How to Plant Bucephalandra

Like anubias and java fern, buce plants have a rhizome, which is like a thick stem or trunk that sprouts both leaves and roots. The great thing about rhizome plants is that they do not need to be planted in substrate. You can easily wedge them between a crack in a rock or more firmly attach them to decor using sewing thread or Planting glue gel. Be careful not smother the rhizome with too much glue or else it may suffer. For more details, read our post on using Planting glue to attach plants.

If you do wish to put the plant in the ground, the key is to make sure the rhizome is not covered up. First, push the plant deeply into the sand or gravel so the roots and rhizome are buried. Then gently pull the plant upwards until the rhizome is completely exposed but the roots are still in the substrate.

Finally, you have the option of leaving the bucephalandra in the plastic basket with rock wool. Feed the plant by inserting a root tab into the rock wool so that it reaches the roots. Then drop the whole pot into an Easy Planter decoration, which makes the buce look like it is growing out of a rock. The planter allows you to easily move the buce whenever you desire and keeps fish from digging up your plants.

  • Family Name : Arums
  • Origin : Asia
  • Height : 2-4”
  • pH : 6 -7.5
  • Temperature : 21-28°C

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