Hardscape Adhesive Gum




Hardscape නිර්මාණයේදී Driftwood හා ගල් වර්ග එකිනෙකට ඇලවීම සදහා සුදුසු අතර මසුන්ට විස නොවන ගම් වර්ගයකි.


1. Place rocks together into a desired shape. You can use tissue papers or gravels in order to fill the gaps

2. Press firmly on each pieces of rocks to make sure there is no gap in between

3. Apply terrarium adhesive to the area and glue them together. Sprinkle rock powders to fill in the small gaps and to cover the trace of glue

4. Adhesive will dry instantly, hold the rock for a few seconds and repeat if necessary. Adhesive works the same on driftwood. Adhesive become waterproof when dried.

Size: 50g/bottle

  • This product is non toxic to plants, mosses and animals
  • Odorless and colorless
  • This product can not be applied in the water but can be placed underwater after dried and it is harmless to fish and other underwater species- Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin
  • Keep away from children
  • Adhesive is not sealed for easy use, it is brand new
  • You could leave the adhesive with the spout, it will not dry out







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