APT fix


  • 2Hr Aquarist  Algae Treatment
  • 200ml
  • Made in Singapore


APT F/Fix from 2HR Aquarist is a water additive that can help eliminate algae. The formula does not contain biocides, which can accumulate in the aquarium water if used frequently. Instead, APT F/Fix supports the elimination of algae by the contained epoxy-aldehyde inhibiting weak protein compounds of algae cells. This makes it easy to remove red algae, green algae and filamentous algae from a freshwater aquarium. Due to the rapid degeneration of the active ingredient, no bio-accumulation occurs and the aquarium water is not polluted.


  • Supports the removal of algae in the aquarium
  • Spot dosing possible on healthy and vigorous plants
  • Also for wood and stones in the aquarium
  • Follow application instructions


Pause filter during application.
Spot dosing for individual areas up to 1ml per 10 l every 24 hours.
For a larger area, the limit of 1ml per 10 litres may be exceeded. Distribute a dose to the affected areas and then perform a 50% water change.

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