APT Zero Fertilizer


  • 2Hr Aquarist  All in One Fertilizer
  • 200ml
  • Made in Singapore

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මෙය Low Tech Planted Tank සදහා යෝග්‍යය වේ.
භාවිතය : 100L පරිමාවක ටැංකියක් සදහා 5ml බැගින් සතියකට 4 වතාවක් හෝ 3ml බැගින් දිනපතා භාවිතා කරන්න.

The 2Hr Aquarist All-In-One Fertiliser.
Richer Colors, Less Algae. Faster Results.

Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in the simplest tank. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today.

APT Zero allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the ADA approach- unparalleled algae control and the ability to unlock the richest reds in popular plants through nitrate limitation. It should be paired with the use of aquasoil and/or a higher fishload environment.

Lean but powerful. APT Zero contains the full potency of APT Complete, but without nitrates
and phosphates. It is specially designed for tanks with significant fish load and for hobbyists looking to replicate
the renowned ADA Dosing System. Its leaner dosing approach provides maximum algae control.

  • Sparsely Planted Tank
  • Tanks without Co2 Injection
  • Tanks with high fish load

The key here is the concentrate of this formula. Just 5ML per 100 liters adds the following nutrients:

  • 0.5 PPM Magnesium
  • 0.05 PPM Iron
  • 3.88 PPM Potassium

And additional amount of

  • Boron
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum & Zinc

Dose 1 capful (5ml) per 100L four (4) times per week OR 3ml per 100L daily

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